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Media Mentions

NJ Business Magazine

January 2, 2017- Bradley Bofford featured in New Jersey Business Magazine sharing his insights on the stock market in the upcoming year. Read the article here

Brad Bofford discusses the ups and downs of owning a Low-Risk Annuity, the approval process and the difference between Annuities vs. IRA's and 401-K's. Read the article here.

Michael Flower was also featured in New Jersey Business Magazine sharing his insights on the stock market in the upcoming year. "Whether the market moves up or down in 2016 should not alter one's personal situation. Any investment plan needs to have a long-term horizon." says Flower. Read the full article here.

Michael A. Flower Adds CFP® Mark of Distinction to His Name   

Bradley H. Bofford Adds CFP® Mark of Distinction to His Name   

Brad Bofford Secures Grant for The Garden Academy

Brad Bofford secured a $2,500 grant from the MDRT Foundation on behalf of the Garden Academy to help provide individualized education to students with autism.

Todd Werling Speaks on How to Reduce the Cost of College
The Upper Saddle River Library in NJ hosted a presentation by Todd Werling on a variety of ways to reduce tuition costs, as well as how to get more financial aid. Read the article here.

Rolls Royce Owners Club 2010 Desk Diary – Financing College in This Economy
The Rolls-Royce Owners' Club Desk Diary is devoted to the Rolls-Royce and Bentley marquees, and the lifestyle with which they are associated. College financing is always a concern for any lifestyle – don’t automatically assume that your income will disqualify you from obtaining financial aid. In the 2010 Edition, Brad Bofford and Todd Werling were asked to contribute their ideas on planning for a college education in this economy.

NJ Business Magazine
Brad Bofford and Michael Flower were featured in NJ Business Magazine’s article Investing in the Post-Madoff Era addressing the impact that Bernie Madoff had on the financial management industry. It’s something they’ve had to address with new and existing clients, and they discuss how the Madoff scandal has actually helped them acquire new clients.

Financial Planning magazine
The best practices culled from Brad Bofford and Mike Flower at Financial Principles were featured in an article titled, What's Next. Industry journalist, Marie Swift spoke to advisors around the country who are flourishing right now - despite the recession and endless stream of bad news. For the most part, it isn't special circumstances or luck that helps them succeed, but flexible business models that help them adjust quickly and take advantage of new opportunities.

Investment News magazine
Mike Flower was featured in Investment News magazine, a widely-read publication for financial advisors. Flower shares with peers his strategies for offering one-off services as a way of meeting the growing needs of investors seeking assistance with their financial planning.

CNBC | MarketWatch | Yahoo! Finance | Los Angeles Times
If you are flustered by economic conditions that are not likely to disappear too soon, then it’s time to focus on what you can control. To ring in the New Year, Brad Bofford was among a group of experienced financial advisors offer a range of philosophical and tactical advice to help ensure your joys outweigh your anxieties in the year ahead. Year end Tips.
Although many financial advisors say never borrow from a 401 (k) plan unless a true emergency, there can be situations when doing so makes sense, if done wisely. In the current market conditions, Brad Bofford believes that borrowing from a 401 (k) plan can be better than options such as using credit cards or cash advances at much higher interest rates. "The last factor to consider is that you are essentially taking a loan against yourself, which is a better option than paying interest to an outside disinterested financial institution," Read more about When to Borrow from Your 401 (k).

InvestmentNews Magazine
Mike Flower was quoted in an article discussing how much power the FINRA should have after it proposed rules that would require broker-dealer principals to supervise insurance and investment advisory services more closely. “The proposal is likely to limit the life insurance companies with which independent-adviser firms can do business,” said Flower. Click here for the full article.
Need some tips about how to avoid tax surprises during retirement? Ellen Hoffman interviewed some advisors, including Bradley Bofford, about tax issues affecting retirement finances. Read “Tax Diversification for Retirement Accounts”.

Success generates its own distinct set of challenges.
A business owner, who over time accumulates a large net worth, almost always faces hurdles in preserving, enhancing and passing along these assets in the best possible manner. Brad Bofford provides his input in the article titled,"A Well-Tuned Professional Team Helps Assure Financial Well-Being".

Investment News
Second Marriages Create Estate Planning Headaches, advisors find that keeping the peace can be difficult. Mike Flower adds his input in Lisa Shidler's article. Read the full article here.
In an article titled Improving Dialogue with Couples, Brad Bofford explained how he makes a point from the very onset of working with a new client that he wants both spouses involved in the financial planning process as much as possible. is an online support service for financial advisors and other professionals.

New Jersey Business Magazine
Success generates its own distinct set of challenges. A business owner, who over time accumulates a large net worth, almost always faces hurdles in preserving, enhancing and passing along these assets in the best possible manner. Brad Bofford provides his input in the article titled,"A Well-Tuned Professional Team Helps Assure Financial Well-Being".

National Underwriter Life & Health magazine
Brad Bofford provides advice on making a smooth transition from saving for retirement to the distribution of those savings while still ensuring the money is available throughout retirement. Read "The Leap To Taking Income Need Not Be A Free Fall", by industry journalist Jim Connolly for Bofford’s recommendations.
Does building a portfolio sound intimidating? Mike Flower shares his knowledge in “Building Blocks for Successful Investing”. He also adds his input into developing a solid investment strategy in “Building a Portfolio”. Both articles are written by Shiela Steiner and published on

New Jersey Business Magazine
Mike Flower helps investors understand that the New ROI…Reliability of Income…during retirement means developing a solid plan to ensure that your money doesn’t run out before you do. “What many investors don’t understand is that accumulating wealth for retirement is vastly different than distributing that wealth to provide a comfortable lifestyle for themselves,” says Flower. Read the full article here for tips to help make your money last.
In case you aren’t comfortable with bank loan funds, there are a few other places to stash cash right now. Lauren Young interviewed several advisors, including Brad Bofford, about their recommended alternatives. Read “Where to Stash Cash".

Investment News
Michael Flower offers his insights to journalist, Sara Hansard, for this article discussing the likely increased role of financial advisers serving as fiduciaries for 401(k)s. Flower, who plans to become a fiduciary adviser for 401(k) plans this fall, believes that while many companies offer computer websites that can be used by employees to decide on their investments, few employees take advantage of them. Read the article online.

e-Media Wire
Professional advisor, Brad Bofford, shares about the necessity for preparing an estate plan – even for the average guy. His news release was distributed via e-Media Wire to journalists and bloggers across the country, including Yahoo! News. Brad was also interviewed by PR Web – listen to the interview here (pod cast).

Research magazine
In Beyond Investment Advice, in this magazine for financial advisors, industry journalist Marie Swift explores what some financial advisors do to provide extra value to their clients. She cites Financial Principles’ “macroeconomic” approach in which they addresses all insurance coverage (including auto, homeowners and umbrella), group benefits, allocation of 401(k) plans with current employers, estate planning documents, tax-return review, etc. to gain a clear understanding of all areas of a client’s financial picture. ““We simply care about our clients and want to be sure they have all of their bases covered in their overall planning,” Brad Bofford says. Download the article.

New Jersey Business News
In the article, "College Planning: A Moving Target", Brad Bofford shares his perspective on developing a proper savings plan for college costs, while continuing to give priority to retirement planning. He reminds readers, “You can borrow for college, while you can’t borrow for retirement.” View a PDF of the article.

Reed Logic
"Excellence in Financial Planning - Strategies of Six Top Financial Advisors Analyzed". Read the article online.